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                                                                       D3 SLALOM SKI COMPARISON - 2023


                                                    ION 2                                        NEO                                          NRG R3            

Ski profile Traditional Ski Shape – The ION 2 (wider than the competition’s traditional shape slalom skis). The ION 2 is best ridden with a balanced stance over the middle of the ski. Front profile is wider relative to a narrower tail. Designed for that demanding skier looking for quick acceleration, quick deceleration, and quick turns Widest slalom ski in D3 line - wide forebody - with more stability and support. The wider width profile allows the skier to ride a shorter ski. It is also a great option for skiers at 34 mph.
Tunnel concave Shallowest tunnel in the D3 slalom line. Promotes good cross-course speed Widest edge to edge bevel footprint and deepest concave of any D3 ski to date Deep concave – More that ION-2 – slightly less than NEO. Rides well in rough water condtions.
Rocker profile Lowest rocker in D3 slalom line – ski attitude more level with less tip rise Mid-level rocker design - between ION-2 (less) and NRG R2 (more) Highest rocker profile in the D3 line
Tail shape Widest tail in the D3 slalom line Narrowest tail in D3 slalom ski line up - less resistance - allows the tail to rotate the ski into immediate angle Narrower than ION-2, wider than NEO - allows the ski to move in the turn
Bevels Softer ION tail bevel allows the tail of the ski to move throughout the turn in perfect balance with the tip Overall, bevels are slightly larger than ION or NRG - allows the NEO to sit slightly deeper Similar to ION - ski rides a bit higher
Same Name - Radical Change

NEO 2 approaches the slalom course challenge from the other end of the spectrum.

Our design starting point was to analyze and match the skier's position and stance at every point throughout the course.

The back half of the ski has a progressively larger and rounder bevel that provides depth and stability as the ski drifts into angle.

When you move forward over the ski tip, into and through the turn, and expect that cross-course acceleration, the ski increases support, lift and angle. As additional pressure is applied to the tip, the more the ski reciprocates, by providing support from the smaller, tighter radiused bevels and decreased tunnel volume.

One of the most significant changes compared with prior D3 slalom skis is the change in bevel angle. This bevel angle change allows you to stay upright and level, from the wake into the outbound swing into the buoy.

Tunnel concave has been optimized to promote width in the course without an unwanted excess of speed in the turns.

While the name is the same, everything has changed. The ski comes in two significantly different flex options - standard and stiff. Most skiers will prefer the standard flex.

Give the NEO 2 a test ride. It is ready for you in four different sizes - 65", 66", 67" and 68".

The NEO 2 features:
  • Ski Profile -
  • Wider front / narrower tail.
  • Tunnel Concave - Optimized to promote width in the course without unwanted excess of speed in the turns.
  • Rocker Profile - Higher rocker - Designed to promote the ideal turn at each buoy.
  • Tail Shape - Narrower tail means less resistance which allows the tail to rotate the ski into immediate angle.
  • Bevel Angle - Totally new design allows you to stay upright and level over the ski.
  • Bevel Shape - The back half of the ski has a progressively larger and rounder bevel that provides depth and stability.
  • Machine Screw Inserts - Accommodates D3, Reflex and most current binding hole patterns. All inserts are set in hard PVC anchor blocks for trouble free screw retention.
  • Accuset Fin Block - Accurate, three-point set screws for easy fin adjustments and laser aligned fin position.
  • Sizes - 65", 66", 67" and 68"